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Talents are the players(or their pets) basic abilities. There are two types of talents; fighting talents and additional talents. Upgrading talents either gives the player some type of special advantage or makes them stronger in combat. Each level of a talent costs more than the previous level to purchase.

Fighting TalentsEdit

Main article: Fighting Talents

Fighting talents are available for both the player and their pet. These define the players basic combat abilities.
Fighting talents include:

  • Power - Defines how much damage the player can do to an opponent.
  • Defence - Defines how well the player can block incoming damage.
  • Dexterity - Defines how well the player can block a fatal blow.
  • Skills - Defines how the players chance to deal a fatal blow.
  • Vitality - Defines the players health value and regeneration rate.

Fighting talents have no known maximum level and no known maximum price.

Additional TalentsEdit

Main article: Additional Talents

Additional talents define players special abilities. Additional talents include:

  • Safeguard - Defines a percent of protection for the player and ?? when attacked by an opposing wizard. This bonus does not apply when the player attacks another wizard themselves.
  • Mind - Defines the amount of mana the player earns hourly.
  • Vision - Defines what opponents the player can find in the arena.
  • Cloak - Defines how well the player can hide from their opponents in the arena.

Safeguard and mind have a maximum level of 10 while vision and cloak have a maximum level of 9.
Cloak and vision have the same price at every level. Mind begins to cost gold at level 5.