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Power ups were purchasable items that could temporarily give the player an edge in the arena, protect their pet from death, preserve their mana, or protect them from incoming attacks.
Power ups were only purchasable with gold. Some power ups had a limit on how many times the player could use them in a month.

Power upsEdit

List of power upsEdit

Icon Power up Effect Active(hrs) Price
Endurance candy
Endurance candy Fight limit changed to 6 and fights restore in 6 minutes 12 Icon-GoldStack 90
Power crystal
Power crystal 50% power increase 36 Icon-GoldStack 90
Defence powder
Defence powder 50% defence increase 36 Icon-GoldStack 70
Safety amulet
Safety amulet Preserves a set amount of mana from plunder.

Amount preserved dependant on players level.

240 Icon-GoldStack 200
Voodoo doll
Voodoo doll Protection from incoming attacks in the arena.

Does not protect the player during clan wars.
Can only be used 7 times a month.

24 Icon-GoldStack 100
Pet golden figurine
Pet golden figurine 50% pet power increase 24 Icon-GoldStack 90
Magic bones
Magic bones Protection opponent's pets

Can only be used 10 times a month.

48 Icon-GoldStack 90
Pet heart cage
Pet heart cage Pets health restored when killed

Can only be used 10 times a month.

24 Icon-GoldStack 90

Gifts and Curses associated with power upsEdit

Icon Name Effect Active(hrs) Level Price
Royal Crown
Royal Crown Power crystal and defence powder will be 20% stronger 48 9 Icon-Mana 2,500
Killing Trap
Killing Trap 5% chance for the pet heart cage to be disabled. 72 15 Icon-Mana 4,500