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Potions are purchasable items that benefit the player when they're in need. Potions can heal the player or their pet, remove curses, or add mana to the players mana bank.


All potions can be used once and have a level requirement of 1.

List of potionsEdit

Icon Potion Effect Cooldown  Price
Nectar Restores 100 health points 60 minutes Icon-Mana 100
Dragon Tears
Dragon Tears Restores 200 health points 60 minutes Icon-Mana 200
Aqua Vitae
Aqua Vitae Restores 100% of health points 20 minutes Icon-GoldStack 70
Eucalyptus Balm
Eucalyptus Balm Removes 1 received curse 60 minutes Icon-Mana 500
Amber Juice
Amber Juice Removes all received curses 60 Minutes Icon-GoldStack 100
Nectar for Pet
Nectar for Pet Restores 100 pet health points  30 minutes Icon-Mana 500
Dragon Tears for Pet
Dragon Tears for Pet Restores 200 pet health points 30 minutes Icon-Mana 1,000
Aqua Vitae for Pet
Aqua Vitae for Pet Restores 100% of pet health points 15 minutes Icon-GoldStack 70
Mana plant
Mana plant Gives 100 mana 60 minutes Icon-GoldStack 10
Mana mature plant
Mana mature plant Gives 500 mana 60 minutes Icon-GoldStack 50
Mana flowering plant
Mana flowering plant Gives 1,000 mana 60 minutes Icon-GoldStack 100