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Pets were a companion that fought alongside a wizard. The player could only own a single pet which could be purchased for 300 gold. The player had 3 choices: Pinka, Yello, or Grom. None of the different types of pets had an advantage over the other; the differences were purely visual.

All pet stats started at 10, except for vitality, which started at 15.

It was possible for a pet to die when reaching zero health after being attacked by another pet.


Grom Pinka Yello
  • Grom
  • Grom when free / out of cage
  • Grom when caged
  • Grom when dead
  • Pinka
  • Pinka when free / out of cage
  • Pinka when caged
  • Pinka when dead
  • Yello
  • Yello when free / out of cage
  • Yello when caged
  • Yello when dead