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Meditation was a feature on 7Wizards which allowed the player to earn mana and a chance to earn XP while not playing the game. The player had the choice of meditating for 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 240, 360, or 480 minutes, and members could also meditate for 720 or 840 minutes. The longer the player mediated, the more mana they earned. Mana rewards were given once meditation was complete. If meditation was canceled before it was completed, the player would not receive any reward.

While meditating, the player could not participate in any type of fight (though they could be fought); however, can access all other features of the game normally.

The amount of mana the player earned from meditation grew with each level the player gained. Magical stones and gifts could also be purchased to help increase the overall earned amount.

There was a chance the player could reach the "State of Nirvana", which would double their overall mana reward.


  • Meditating for 360 or 480 minutes would always grant the player 1 experience at the end of the duration.