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Magical Stones were purchasable gold items that gave the player permanent advantages. Magical stones had to be purchased multiple times in order to reach their max potential. Only two magical stones could be equip at any given time.

List of Magical StonesEdit

Icon Name Effect Increase Max Cost (per level)
Amethyst of strength
Amethyst of strength The chance to make a critical strike is increased by % 0.5% 50% Icon-GoldStack 65
Emerald of life
Emerald of life The health renewal rate is increased by % 1% 100% Icon-GoldStack 45
Moonstone Mana gained from meditating is increased by % 2.5% 250% Icon-GoldStack 325
Hessonite The chance to dodge a strike is increased by % 0.5% 50% Icon-GoldStack 156