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Gifts were purchasable items that players could send to one another. Gifts benefited the player who received them. Gifts could be given to any wizard on the sender's friends list; however, only 3 gifts could be sent to the same wizard each day.


All gifts had a minimum level requirement of 1. Additionally, some gifts required the wizard receiving the gift have things to take proper effect.

List of giftsEdit

Icon Gift Effect Active(hrs) Level Price
Sorcerer's Bow
Sorcerer's Bow None 168 1 Icon-Mana 100
Magic Flower
Magic Flower None 168 2 Icon-Mana 100
Energy Drink
Energy Drink +5 dexterity 48 5 Icon-Mana 1,000
Golden Chest
Golden Chest +5 skills 48 6 Icon-Mana 1,500
Power Glove
Power Glove +5 power 48 7 Icon-Mana 2,000
Envelope of Wealth
Envelope of Wealth Earn 20% more mana from meditating 48 8 Icon-Mana 2,500
Royal Crown
Royal Crown Power crystal and defence powder will be 20% stronger 48 9 Icon-Mana 2,500
Blessing Powder
Blessing Powder 50% more mana will be robbed in the arena 48 10 Icon-Mana 2,500
Ancient Guard
Ancient Guard Immortality during a clan war 2 11 Icon-Mana 3,000
Enchanted Feathers
Enchanted Feathers +20% dexterity 48 12 Icon-Mana 3,000
Charming Lily
Charming Lily +20% skills 48 13 Icon-Mana 3,500
Book of Power
Book of Power +20% power 48 14 Icon-Mana 4,000

Power ups associated with giftsEdit

Icon Power up Effect Active(hrs) Price
Power crystal
Power crystal 50% power increase 36 Icon-GoldStack 90
Defence powder
Defence powder 50% defence increase 36 Icon-GoldStack 70

Glitches & ErrorsEdit

  • When possible, the blank space curse icon would appear instead of the blank space gift icon when the player was sending a gift.

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