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Curses were purchasable items that players could send to one another. Curses had negative effects on the player who received them. Curses could be given to any wizard as long as they were not on the sender's friends list; however, only 3 curses could be sent to the same wizard each day.
The player could remove recieved curses with the use of potions.


All curses had a minimum level requirement of 1. Additionally, some curses required the opponent have things in order to take proper effect.

List of cursesEdit

Icon Curse Effect Active(hrs) Level Price
Bat Claws
Bat Claws None 240 1 Icon-Mana 100
Toad None 240 2 Icon-Mana 100
Triffid's sprout
Triffid's sprout -5 dexterity 72 5 Icon-Mana 1,000
Demon's Hoof
Demon's Hoof -5 skills 72 6 Icon-Mana 1,500
Damned Axe
Damned Axe -5 power 72 7 Icon-Mana 2,000
Bubbling Bile
Bubbling Bile The opponent won't be able to receive gifts 72 8 Icon-Mana 2,500
Evil Skull
Evil Skull The opponent's pet will be sent to the cage and locked there 1 9 Icon-Mana 2,500
Beast Scraps
Beast Scraps 20% chance for income from meditation to be 0 72 10 Icon-Mana 2,500
Vulture Talon
Vulture Talon -10% dexterity 72 12 Icon-Mana 3,000
Devil's Keys
Devil's Keys -10% skills 72 13 Icon-Mana 3,500
Scissors of Fate
Scissors of Fate -10% power 72 14 Icon-Mana 4,000
Killing Trap
Killing Trap 5% chance for the pet heart cage to be disabled. 72 15 Icon-Mana 4,500
Witch Bag
Witch Bag All battle talents -10% 24 18 Icon-Mana 5,000

Disabled cursesEdit

The following curses have been "disabled" and thus no longer work.

Icon Curse Effect Active(hrs) Level Price
Fiend's Horn
Fiend's Horn Power crystal and defence powder will be disabled 1 11 Icon-Mana 3,000

Potions associated with cursesEdit

Icon Potion Effect Cooldown Price
Eucalyptus Balm
Eucalyptus Balm Removes 1 received curse 60 minutes Icon-Mana 500
Amber Juice
Amber Juice Removes all received curses TBA Icon-GoldStack 100

Power ups associated with cursesEdit

Icon Power up Effect Active(hrs) Price
Pet heart cage
Pet heart cage Pets health restored when killed

Can only be used 10 times a month.

24 Icon-GoldStack 90

Glitches & ErrorsEdit

  • When possible, the blank space curse icon would appear instead of the blank space gift icon when the player was sending a gift.

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