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Crystals were an unreleased feature in 7wizards that was intended to be a type of currency.
Prior to the games second closing, little was known about crystals; however, there were some mention of them in the game suggesting they most likely had something to do with clans.


  • In the heading bar, between the mana and gold count, there was a field for crystal count (this was removed in August 2014).
  • When viewing members of a clan, the player could choose how they're ordered by donated crystals.
  • When donating to a clan, the player could choose the amount of crystals to donate, additionally it showed this message, "You can donate crystals and mana to treasury. Crystals may be donated even during a war! They can be used for casting spells and providing installations which will help your clan to win the war.".
  • When viewing a clans information, one of the fields is "crystals".
  • Before the games first closing, an image of a crystal mine was released (pictured above).
  • The staff held a contest ([1]) in August 2014 to help them decide what crystals would be used for. This contest was called off however due to lack of entries.


  • Crystals were an unreleased prior to the games first closing.