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Talents are some of the players abilities; there are a few types of talents all upgradable by purchase with a max cap at 9 or 10 upgrades, depending on the skill. Upgrading talents either gives the player some type of advantage or makes them stronger in combat. However each level of a talent costs more than the previous level to purchase. 

  • Safeguard: Safeguard defines how much protection you get when someone attacks you. You will not get this bonus if you attack someone. 
  • Mind: Mind is how you earn mana when you are not in the arena attacking others. Getting mind is a great investment, as it pays off later on when your hourly mana increases with every upgrade. Later after a couple upgrades, it will start costing gold to upgrade. (Tip: Use your gold wisely! Don't waste it on unnecessary purchases. Be smart and save!"
  • Vision: In the arena, If your vision is higher than your opponent's cloak, you will be able to find them. If most people have a higher cloak level than you, it is likely that you will get opponents from a different level than what you are looking for.
  • Cloak: In the arena, this hides you from opponents. If you have a higher cloak level than your oppenent, they will not find you. If you have a lower or equal cloak level, there is a possibility for them to find you. (Note: It does not prevent all attacks. If someone dislikes you, they may search you up, as it is an option besides randomly attacking by level.)