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• 9/11/2014

7Wizards Tips

Hey there! So me and SnowGem were talking about how we need more editors and players on 7Wizards, and we decided the first thing we need to is expand the mainpage. Its pretty short, and it the first thing people will look at when they visit this wiki. We came up with the idea of adding tips for and a guide to 7Wizards.

Post below any ideas you have for tips. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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• 9/6/2014

don't upgrade your health the most!

• 9/6/2014
Redda wrote:
don't upgrade your health the most!

But don't forget the importance of health. If you don't have enough people who otherwise couldn't, may be able to beat you because you'll always be at minimum health and die before the battle would normally finish. High health can also be useful if you're in a clan.

That aside, here are some of mine so far.

  • Don't level up too quickly.
  • Don't leave your pet out without pet heart cage
  • Don't attack users below 2 levels of your own(unless you're in a clan war).
  • When you're starting up meditate as much as you can.
  • It takes 5 days of complete inactivity for you to be considered "on vacation".
  • Being on vacation can be used to your advantage; it allows you to reach max mana while keeping you safe from incoming attacks.
  • Work on your magical stones ASAP.
  • Be wise about when you choose to buy power-ups.
  • Buy next level rings before reaching the next level, that way once you hit it you're ready to take on whatever might come your way.
  • And of course, always check on the wiki for more helpful hints, tips, and information.

I'll write up the tips regarding the 2 hour time breaks and fame tomorrow.

• 9/6/2014

My tips:

  • Don't level up unless your stats are pretty high
  • Meditate while you are gone/sleeping
  • Upgrade mind right away if you can, you will get mana quicker
  • Use your gold on magical stones before you use it on powerups
  • If saving up, only attack people you know you can beat every single time
• 9/25/2014
  • Don't forget to sell your old rings, they'll no longer be of use to you.
  • Try to sell them before you buy something so you know that mana can't be stolen.
• 9/27/2014
  • 7wizards seems to run on BST(British Summer Time) during the summer, so be sure to keep the timezone differences in mind and use them to your advantage where/if possible.
• 11/13/2014
  • Hit the "search" button when the field is empty to refresh the list of users in the chat.
• 11/13/2014

SnowGem wrote:

  • Hit the "search" button when the field is empty to refresh the list of users in the chat.

Huh, I never knew that!

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